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SGA Hong Kong

interior design

Client Stefano Gambacciani Architetto

Location | Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Design | 2016

Construction | 2017

Executive design of the interior and artistic direction of the work Stefano Gambacciani

Photos | © Stefano Gambacciani 


Home | Studio

SGA Hong Kong

interior design

Every “small office / home office” (SoHo) is a small concentrated nerve center, a micro brain cell that works, thanks to digital infrastructures, connected to a larger network of interchanges between other small cells, worldwide scattered, full of great intellectual potential and innovation energy. The small flexible and multifunctional spaces, where to live and work, allow a new generation of digital nomads, grown up globally-connected, not to feel permanently tied to a specific place and to travel through, countries and continents, in search of inspiration, new experiences and an international exchange of ideas. They are not forced to move, but rather have chosen to do it. 

Placed at the last floor of a traditional Chinese walk up building in Sai Ying Pun, this Hong Kong SoHo aim to be, for the architect, the bridgehead with asian culture and lifestyle. In this tiny space, the knowledge and the experiences of a life are fused together, and Western aesthetics and functionality coexist with Asian pragmatism and spirituality, rough materials with neat objects of design, Italian creativity with Cantonese efficiency, recycled industrial pieces with modern artworks. A stimulating hub internationally connected, in an effervescent metropolis, permanent laboratory of the future. 

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