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UIC Learning Resource Centre

interior design *

Client | United International College

Location | Zhuhai

Design | 2016-17

Construction | 2017-18

Concept design | Stefano Gambacciani, Alistair Leung - Ronald Lu & Partners

Executive design of the interior and artistic direction of the work | Stefano Gambacciani, Alistair Leung - Ronald Lu & Partners

Images & Photos | © Ronald Lu & Partners | UIC Learning Resource Centre

* as Senior Interior Designer for Ronald Lu & Partners (Hong Kong)

Director and Head of Interiors, Alistair Leung

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Multifunctional room

UIC Learning Resource Centre

interior design *

Project functions

Library: Quiet Study Area, Lounge Sitting Area, Workstation Area, Discussion Rooms, Classrooms, a Lecture Room, CD DVD Collection, Newspaper & Magazine Area (Public), Newspaper & Magazine Area (Private), Compact Bookshelves, Special Collection, Book Shelving Area.

Lecture Theaters (x7)

Multifunctional Room (x1)

Project description

Located at Zhuhai, United International College (UIC) is comprised of a full range of comprehensive educational facilities and dormitories. The library is located in the center of campus and sitting at man-made lake side. A total of seven lecture theatres and a multifunctional room are located inside multimedia center quarter with various sizes to accommodate different purposes.

To amplify its character of the campus, the library is designed to be stand out as a international social hub of information, knowledge and wisdom. To make good use of the architecture, the central atrium is treated as a gathering space for students for various events after school hours. A dark circular staircase inside the atrium is exaggerating 4 stories height void and echoing with skylight above. To encourage the exchange of information and knowledge, "A landscape" with wooden platforms are set with causal sitting arrangement. The form of wooden platforms and slanted double height ceiling are implying the natural scenery and man-made landscape from outside in. In order to maintain the original function of a library, "The box" is an area which is more enclosed and surrounded with bookshelves. Providing a peaceful environment for students to be more focused to their works. 

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